The series of ICFEI meetings has been organized by the Department of Mathematics of the Pedagogical University of Cracow since 1984 (since 1991 – biannually, with small perturbations sometimes).

Nowadays, the series has an international scientific committee as well as an experienced organizing committee. An announcement on each meeting appears in the Mathematics Calendar of the American Mathematical Society. Moreover, the proceedings of the 14th ICFEI were published in 2013 in Banach Center Publications as their 99th volume titled Recent Developments in Functional Equations and Inequalities.

The average number of participants of ICFEI is 66 (from 56 in 2001 up to 82 in 2013), and 32% of them have come from abroad (among foreign participants the most numerous are those from Hungary, Germany, Austria and Russia); but the average number of participants of the last three meetings increased to 72 with 39% from abroad.

Every participant has an opportunity to give a talk. Besides regular, 15-20 minutes long, talks there are usually a few longer lectures delivered by leading specialists in the field. Moreover, several contributions are delivered during special problems and remarks sessions.

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